Real Estate Personal Shopper

For some years now in Spain, he has been representing the Personal Shopper in real estate to defend one of the hitherto unprotected parties: the buyer. The Personal Shopper assists you in the purchase of any requested property by searching, finding, negotiating and buying the best option for the customer. This professional who was born in the Anglo-Saxon countries is fashionable in our country.

The five benefits of a personal real estate buyer are:

1.- Time: the buyer saves 70% of the visits made with a traditional real estate. He is responsible for visiting before the homes and selecting the ones that meet the needs of the client.

2.- Worry: save and avoid surprises from hidden defects, provide technical, financial and legal reports. This is known in the sector as a preliminary survey of the house and building: technical inspection of the building to see possible future spendings and legal inspection of the house, that is to say for check if there are mortgage charges, tax charges, etc.

3.- Money: save between 5% and 20% of the selling price of the house. It is an essential exercise to have a comprehensive control of the market prices of the area where the house is to be purchased. RE/MAX is the number one real estate company in the world and allows this in-depth knowledge of the market.

4.- Conflict of interest: Avoid the conflict of interest since the personal shopper is positioned in favor of the buyer and manages the payment of taxes, such as ITP or VAT or IBI. In addition, he is also responsible for the transmission of documents to the notary and the client will only sign the deeds of sale. Another service is to bring this documentation to the property registry.

5. Personalization of customer service: The customer has the advantage of having a professional who will advise you according to your needs, personally and with a regular follow-up during the necessary time to obtain the purchase of the dream house.

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