Buying a home: Who can help you?

Since real estate agencies exist, they have focused heavily on homeowners and the goal was to capture homes to look for buyers later. The real estate agent was then working for the seller, defending only the interests of the owner. The owner was the customer and the buyer the consumer.

Today, there is a new trend: the agent of the buyer. It is sometimes called “personal shopper” or “real estate hunter”. Internet offers a multitude of information to the buyer, often exposed to an excess of information and sometimes contradictory. More than ever, the buyer needs an expert guide who knows the market.

Why does a buyer need a guide?

A study by the National Realtor Association (NAR) indicates that:

53% of buyers are looking for help finding the perfect home. The buyer’s agent will be responsible for understanding and defining the buyer’s needs, reviewing and accompanying them to visit properties, etc.

12% seek help to negotiate the contract and conditions. Many people forget that in a contract we can impose conditions and not just price. The buyer’s agent can advise the buyer when making an offer to the owner, etc.

11% seek help to negotiate prices. The buyer’s agent develops a strategy for negociating.

8% are looking for comparables.

7% ask for help with the papers. A buyer’s agent keeps track of everything related to the transaction until the notarial deed and beyond (provide a list of qualified providers for the additional services you will need from a lawyer, an architect, painter, plumber, etc.).

3% are asking for help with funding. The agent determines how much the buyer can invest and can often also help you find the best financing.

3% need help to find out what they can buy.

The buyer’s agent or “personal shopper” is an independent advisor to the seller and his agent who provides the buyer with a personalized service and allows him to guarantee only his interests. In this way, the buyer’s agent who does his job well can be recommended to other people who want to buy a house with the utmost professionalism. Do not forget that buying a house is a decision that involves a lot of money and a lot of emotions for anyone.

The buyer’s agent will be paid when the buyer has purchased the ideal home, which will also ensure that he does a professional job and fulfills his client’s expectations.