One more year, Spain will be in 2019 one of the most attractive markets for real estate investment, according to industry experts. On the one hand, the economy will continue to grow above the European average and, on the other hand, all segments offer business opportunities, which combined with an environment in which financing will not problem, suggests that 2019 will remain a year of growth strong activity in the real estate sector.

In the residential sector, there are several challenges to be addressed this year. For Juan Velayos, CEO of Neinor Homes, “it will be essential to meet the needs of citizens in terms of access to housing, for which dialogue is needed between all actors, sheltered from politicized measures. The sector requires a dialogue between the public entity and the companies, which allows the necessary legislative changes to simplify the existing regulations, as well as the creation of technical and depoliticized organizations generating land according to technical reasons and the needs of each. city. In addition, another challenge will be to provide access to new generations of the population, who are now known as millennials and who will be the buyers of the future. The key to the future of the sector lies in the ability to adapt to the needs of these new generations, who see beyond the four walls that make up a home and opt for technology, innovation and sustainability as the foundation for their comfort. Promoters must anticipate these needs in order to be able to propose solutions adapted to the current and coming needs “.

Félix Abánades, president of Quabit Inmobiliaria, underlines that “it is fundamental to solve certain aspects such as the lack of agility in the qualification processes that generate more land suitable for residential construction, the delays in the granting of licenses , the financing of the project “. promotion of the activity and the purchase of land, the increase of the different construction costs or the lack of qualified manpower. It is generally accepted that the upward trend in the real estate market will continue until at least 2020, but we must remain attentive to certain geopolitical or economic circumstances that may affect the sector, such as the trade war between China and the United States. United. the Brexit negotiation, the rate hike in the euro zone or, in a national key, the deficit and the large public debt.

In general, in the residential market, the sector is seeing a positive momentum with fundamentals that will remain solid and a margin for activity to continue to grow in 2019.

Source: El Economista. Suplemento Inmobiliaria. Portada. Páginas 4 to 7.