Buying advice/Personal Shopper

Determine your specific needs:

The reasons and characteristics of a property’s purchase vary from person to person. It is very important to consult me before visiting a property. Before we meet, it is convenient to make a list of important features and to identify your specific needs such as:

What do you want to buy? What kind of property? An apartment? A villa? Etc.

How do you see your future property? Minimum requirements: Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Also, public services? (schools, shops, public transport, etc.)

Where? In a city, in the suburb?, in a town?

When do you plan to buy?

What is my economic capacity for it? Pre-qualification study of the bank mortgage. For a free study of the maximum amount of mortgage you can get, please click on this link.

Tool to visit properties (form):

When visiting the properties, it is advisable to write on a form the essential points in order to compare each property, and then make a selection of the houses closest to your tastes.

Contact me:

I offer you advice as a buyer (personal shopper) with many benefits for you including saving time and money for you. You just have to click on communicate with me and I will contact you for a personal interview without any commitment on your part. That easy!