Commission or fees?

If you are like most of our customers, you are living these days "at 100,000 per hour". Between work, family, leisure and your health, your time is limited. My job is to facilitate the sale, purchase or rent of your property, in addition to optimizing time and profits.

As in any job or service purchase, there are different prices. In the realm of real estate, there is a price for the service provided. This price for the work of the real estate consultant is commonly defined as "commission".  It is a price that includes all the work of the agent to sell or rent a property. On my part, I see the commission as fees that are only paid when your purchase or sale goal has been successfully achieved. These fees are justified, not only by the work of the agent with each client, but also by all the "backstage" work that the client doesn't see. This work includes, for example, the time of continuous training, time searching, information gathering, contact generation through telephone calls, promotion through social networks,  Internet, etc. It is also important to note that in REMAX, agents have a limited number of real estate assets in their portfolios. The reason for this is that it allows them to have more time and therefore to work better for each client.

It is very important before choosing and signing with a real estate advisor to ask him in writing what his marketing plan is if it involves selling your house (plan of action for the sale of your house) or its engagement, tasks and conditions if it comes to buying a house. Some offers may seem much cheaper than average, but if the consultant does not prepare a quality and organized action plan, if he is not present during the visits and his market experience and expertise in Negotiations are limited, this decision could cost you dearly and especially in time and problems.