REMAX contract?

Advantages of cooperation system by MLS

Many people think that an exclusive contract limits the possibilities of selling their house. However, this type of contract with a leading company in the international market such as REMAX allows, on the contrary, to have advantages for the sale of your home in a larger number of real estate agencies spread throughout Spanish and international territory. Thanks to the MLS system, your home will be better promoted. The exclusive contract also allows the REMAX advisor to have fewer clients and thus be able to dedicate himself to the promotion and sale of your home. The personalized treatment with each client serves to improve the quality of the service and of course the sale results. The important thing in the sale of your home is to save time and money and get the best possible price.


Advantages With Exclusivity Without Exclusivity

Promote your house trough MLS (property listing shared between various real estate enterprises in Spain and outside)

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Work with few houses at a time, allowing more time to the promotion and sale of your house

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Real estate network that works in collaboration with the world's biggest network

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