Sale advices

Make a good impression

The first impression of visitors is crucial. Very often, everything is decided when they enter the house. Make sure everything is clean and in good condition, including the lawn and the garden in the case of houses.

Make some alterations

Painting retouching, filling cracks, etc. This improves the first impression of buyers.

Facilitate the entry of light

Sunlight (or electric light in case the house does not get enough sunlight) optimizes the charm of a home. Raising the blinds and removing the curtains can enhance the impression of potential buyers.

Repairing water leaks

A leak in a faucet translates in plumbing problems for the buyer. Make sure this is not the case.

Be rigorous

The details contribute a lot to the overall evaluation of a house.

Strengthen security

Avoid accidents: Clear stairs and  tidy rooms allow safe visits.

Order the built-in storage spaces

Potential buyers are looking for large storage spaces and commodes. Do not hesitate to order your fitted wardrobes.

Favor the bathrooms and the kitchen

They are the elements of the house that most influence the decision of the buyer. Cleanliness and order are very important elements.

Favor simplicity

Rooms that are well ventilated, clean and in harmony will put the prospective buyer at ease and enhance their buying experience.

Illuminate the house

It is advisable to turn on the lights during visits. The house will appear warmer and more welcoming.

Eliminate any source of distraction

You should talk with tranquility with visitors for better results. Do not distract them with music or television.

Keep animals away

Animals are our best friends. However, some people are scared or allergic. This could make them uncomfortable and hinder you in the sale your home.

Allow free movement during visits

Be welcoming and attentive, but avoid distracting potential buyers. I take charge of guiding them.

Stay tuned for comments

Do you think your house is the most beautiful in the area? Let the visitor discover it for himself. If he makes comments, including negatives, do not intervene; I will take care to reply.

Stay discreet

I know well the needs and desires of the visitors: I will present all the advantages that your house brings them. While you may want to ask me some questions, it is better to avoid them during visits.

Wait for the right moment

You must be patient if you want to sell furniture or accessories to the visitor. Let me know your intentions and I will intervene at the most opportune moment.

Take advantage of my expertise

I will negotiate the selling price with the visitor, the payment terms and the possession date. Being a professional, I have the skills to negotiate with the potential buyer, always to your advantage.

Make informed decisions

Before making important decisions regarding the sale of your home, it is best to consult me. I have extensive experience that can help you.